2020 LIVELIGHTER 30th V League Tournament sanctioned by FW

1 Only 2 players from Non East Asian Origin allowed per match for both Senior and Master Divison.

    1a Asian Origin includes the following Countries - Minimum Require Father OR MOTHER's Country of Birth - Birth Certificate & Photo ID; Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Cambodia, Burma, Laos, Brunei, Hong Kong, Ma Cau China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Mongolia, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, IRAQ

    1b SENIOR Team can have a maximum of 5 Non East Asian Origin in the squad.

    1c MASTER Team can have a maximum of 3 Non East Asian Origin in the squad.

    1d If there are no proof of origin then player shall consider as import.

    1e Westnam SC player registered with Football West in 2019 is exempt from the import rule (TBC by the Club).

    1f Player born in 1980 or before is exempt from the import rule for Senior Division ONLY

    1g Team break rule 1 will forfeit match and $100 fine.

2 The entry cost per team is $250 (fee) + $50 (bonds) = $300. Full Payment on or before 02/02/2020. Fixtures Draw - 02/02/2020

3 FW Referees fees is to be paid by participating teams prior to kick off - Referee - $45. Additional $45 if FW linesmen allocated for the match;

4 Games will be 45 minutes each way, with a 10 minutes break at the half time interval; Drink break optional to be agree by both teams. Mandatory drink break > 35 Degrees

5 Football west METRO LEAGUE & MASTER LEAGUE competition rules will be applied by this TOURNAMENT - Interchange - Only a maximum of 5 subs per half.

6 A maximum of a 20 players squad. Final list to be submitted before 16/02/2020 (Mandatory).

7 All teams shall arrive at least 30 minutes before kick-off time; Team sheet (max 20 players per match) to referee 15 minutes before kick-off.

8 Teams shall provide a suitable linesman per week if no FW linesman allocated. FW linesmen will be allocated for ALL Master games and Final Fixtures

9 Teams playing at the start of day are responsible for putting on the nets and corner flags from the store room;

10 Teams play at the end of day are responsible for taking off the nets and corner flags put back in the store room;

11 All teams to clean up their rubbish after their game - Penalty $10 per incident

12 Player not allow on the pitch, if their have jewellery, no shoe, no shin pad or incorrect uniform; - Fine $10 per incident.

13 Yellow Cards ($10): any player acquiring 3 yellow cards throughout the tournament will receive a 1 game suspension. No appeals.

14 Red Cards ($20): automatic 1 game suspension. No appeals. May be longer ban TBD by FW & Westnam Ex. Committtees.

15 Team received 5 or more cautions in a match will be fine $50.

16 Forfeit Match - Penalty $100 per game!

17 No verbal or physical abuse towards referees, coaches, players, organisers or spectators will NOT be tolerated. Team/Player will be ejected from the TOURNAMENT.

18 If a player is sent off for Violent Conduct (i.e. Any Violence against players or officials,) The player will be banned from taking any further part in the tournament;

19 Games points will be allocated as follows: 3 Points for a WIN, 1 Point for a DRAW, 0 Points for a LOSS.

20 If two teams end up with the same number of points, tiebreakers are used;
a. Head to head results
b. Goal Differences
c. Total Goal Scored
d. Least Cautions - FW Metro & Master League Competition Rules applied!
e. If three or more teams end up with the same points then goal differences to decide table Ranking - FW Metro & Master League Competition Rules applied!

21 Player CAN ONLY PLAY FOR 1 TEAM in the Senior or Master competition, if born in 1985 or before, player can play for both Senior or Master Competitions.

22 Final Fixtures - AFL Top 8 System

23 In the final fixtures at the completion of normal time if it's a draw - penalty shoot out will decide the result.

24 Team to police and inform umpire and organiser if any rules have been infringe by any teams

25 Team Manager to review & report via MESSENGER - 2020 Live Lighter V LEAGUE & Westnam United FB Page

26 Master players to be born in 1985 or prior - Driver's License to prove of ID - Rule 1 applied

27 $50 application fee to the Club for team to lodge a formal complaint! if complaint is correct then the Club will return $50 back, if not then team lose $50.

28 If match was cancel DUE TO unforeseen reason, match will be re-schedule to the following week on 1st- Friday night or 2nd-Saturday afternoon.

29 Team to wear same COLOUR short and sock, $10 fine for incorrect uniform.

30 Westpac banking - Westnam United Soccer Club - BSB - 036 000 ACC - 866 678

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